Be daring and defy the traditional bottle stigma.

Our innovative package takes spirits to a new level and ensures that every drink tastes as pure and flavorful as it did the day it was packaged.  The Griffon Vault Vodka party box locks in freshness and prevents oxidation.  The easy-to-pour tap makes dispensing 1 shot or 34 a snap.  You won’t even have to take it out of the freezer.

Break the glass habit and help mother earth.  By eliminating the traditional heavy glass bottle, we create efficiency in transporation, storage and manufacturing costs to help the environment.  Our recyclable box contains the same amount of premium vodka as a standard 1 liter bottle.
Why The Box?
Compact size fits great in the freezer & refrigerator.  Drinks just taste better ice cold.
Unbreakable & portable.  Bring Griffon Vault to your pool party, on the boat or tailgating.
It’s cool.  It’s new.  It’s daring and different.  Show up with this box and the legend will be you.
Our bag-in-box requires less energy to produce & transport than the traditional heavy glass.