Now Available At All Wisconsin Whole Food Markets

Griffon, America’s first premium boxed spirit is excited about being a part of the Whole Foods Market family. Learn more about Griffon’s earth friendly packaging and sample our award-winning, ultra smooth vodka during our demo at the newest Whole Foods Market in Wauwatosa, Saturday, March 19, between noon and 3PM.


Upcoming Tasting Events : Milwaukee Wisconsin Area

February 4:

Sendik’s, New Berlin 4-6PM

February 5:

Discount Liquor, Milwaukee 5-7PM

Sendik’s, Franklin 4-6PM

February 6:

Discount Liquor, Waukesha 3-5PM

Sendik’s, Grafton 2-4PM

February 11:

Otto’s, Oakland Avenue, Milwaukee 4-6PM

February 12:

Tosa Wine & Spirits, Wauwatosa 4-6PM

February 13:

Consumer Beverage, Hales Corners 1-3PM

February 26:

Otto’s, Elm Grove 4-6PM




Create Your Own Spirited Halloween Party Display!

It’s easy to turn your Griffon Vault Vodka box into a smooth, cool attraction that lights up any Halloween party. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Open the top of the box, remove the bag and cut away box top
2. Print out one of our design pdfs (Scary Frankenstein, Silly Frankenstein, Traditional Jack) or create your own
3. Tape your template to the front of the box and carve out with an exacto knife
4. Remove template; enhance with colored tissue paper, if you wish
5. Place a small LED light inside the box and replace the bag
6. Now tap that box and enjoy the party!