Frequently Asked Questions


Can a premium spirit really be in a box? 

Get over it, this is the packaging of the future.  Europe has been using alternative packaging for the last 10 to 15 years, from fine wines to spirits.  The benefits are overwhelming vs. glass.

Why the box over glass?

It is a lot safer for outdoor or indoor parties without the worry of breakage. It fits easily in your freezer. And it’s a lot better for our environment, to mention just a few of the reasons.

Is the box water resistant?

No, if the box is submerged or sits in standing water for a period of time the outer box will absorb water , but the contents within the bag are air and water tight.

Do I need to keep the bag in the box?

No, the bag removes easily from the box and takes up less space.

Do Griffons really exist?

Yes, within each of our imaginations the Griffon is alive!

What makes Griffon Vault Vodka a greener product?

Our new alternative packaging components are about half the weight of a traditional glass bottle.
This packaging results in 79% less Greenhouse Gas emissions and uses 91% less package materials.

How many drinks can be made with one Griffon Vault box?

About 34 drinks can be made from our 1 liter box (based on a serving size of 1 oz per drink).

Does Griffon Vault Vodka have other vodka flavors?

Not currently, but we are in the process of creating a variety of flavored vodkas.

Does vodka freeze if I put the box in the freezer?

No, but it sure makes it taste better!